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Sundries and Supplies


We carry a large stock of Soap Powder and laundry sundries delivered to stage door.

Whist we think we have a comprehensive stock list if there is anything we don’t have that you would particialy like – just ask! If we can source it for you we will!

Stock items we would usually carry: - 

Soap Powders

  • Fairy Non Bio Powder

  • Persil Non Bio Powder 

  • Persil Colour Care Powder 

  • Dreft hand wash 


  • Persil Non Bio Liquid 5ltr  

  • Persil colour care liquid 5ltr  

  • Ariel Liquid 5ltr  

  • Wet Clean (US gallon)  

  • Fairy Non Bio Liquid 5ltr 

  • Ecos Free and Clear (5ltr)

  • Fabric Conditioners

  • Comfort Pure Concentrate  

  • Comfort Sunshine Concentrate

Pre Spotters

  • LPS (US Gallon)  

  • Vanish Liquid 

  • Vanish Crystal white

  • Vanish Soap Bar 

  • Bio Tex 

  • Disposable Vinyl Gloves

  • Dylon Colour Catcher  


  • 3ft Mobile rail

  • 4ft Mobile rail

  • 5ft Mobile rail

  • 6ft mobile rail

  • Height Extenders

  • Mobile Hanger Tidy

  • Rail dividers

  • Wire Hangers

  • Heavy Wire Hangers

  • Plastic Adjustable hangers

  • Laundry Marking Pens 6pk

  • Sticky Rollers 

  • Sticky roller refill

  • Iron Cleaner

  • Calgon

  • Hanging Wardrobe Cartons

  • Roll of clear Pre Cut garment covers


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