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Ozone Finishing Service

What is Ozone?

The first thing you should know is that Ozone treating is NOT a cleaning process!

Ozone can form as result of lightning strikes during thunderstorms, the 'fresh, clean, spring rain' smell that can be smelt after these storms are the result of the naturally occurring ozone.

Ozone is a lot like oxygen however it has a third oxygen atom making it O3, this small change creates the second most powerful sterilant in the world, it is able to destroy bacteria, viruses, and odours. However, to destroy these things oxidation must occur, this removes the third oxygen atom leaving nothing but oxygen remaining, this gives ozone a short lifespan.

What can it be used for?

'Uncleanables', intricate creations made from various fabrics, trimmings and finishes, that when put together look great, but make cleaning an impossibility. These types of garments benefit greatly from ozone treatment to keep them smelling fresh.

Costumes that already 'whiff' will improve immensely, although the odour does not always completely vanish - however, these can be maintained to a wearable level with regular ozone treatment.

Other items that respond well to ozone treatment include; body paddings, animal mascots, heads, feet, hats, etc. 

Body Odour

No matter how many times we dry clean a garment, use a deodoriser, or anti bacterial additive, there are some smells you cant get rid of or mask. Imbedded body odour is usually the most common! Treating costumes after dry cleaning can help to eliminate these odours a considerable amount. The same can apply to musty odours and cigarette smoke.


Costumes that have began moulding, need to be ozoned twice - once before cleaning to kill the mould spores, and again after cleaning in order to treat the fabric beneath.


If we attempted to breathe in a room full of ozone, we'd die - this makes it an excellent treatment for fabrics and clothing that have been affected by moths!


Will ozone remove stains? - No! Ozone will not remove stains, it will deodorise and help to decontaminate the problem, but will not remove the actual substance from the garment - in fact ozone works better on pre cleaned items.

Will ozone effect fabrics? No! Ozone will not affect fabrics the concentrations are not high enough, even during shock treatments for long periods.

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